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Author Topic: * Hydra's application for Moderator  (Read 1972 times)

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* Hydra's application for Moderator
« on: 22 September 2015, 13:09:06 »
Real Name: George Wright

Age: 16

Nationality: British

Online name: hydra :^)

Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/itzhydra/

Steam rep profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/itzhydra/

Any Vac Bans: No

Hours on Csgo: 642, 2k on other account

So i've decided to make this application because why not. The worst that can happen is that I continue playing on the server happily.

Why I am applying:

I am applying for this position as I believe that I can contribute to the community and the server. I am known to be silly at times, but am serious when needed. I do not tolerate rule breaking on the server and if no player of authority is online I will ask the accused to stop. I would say that I am a fairly decent trader, I have been trading small time ever since I've bought CS and only in the recent 3-4 months have I been trading densely. I would suggest that the server has a admin or mod on the server at any spoken time. I know the staff do try to do this, but sometimes there is no one of authority online. I spend most of my time when I am on CS - on the server, rather than playing the actual game of matchmaking. I have made many friends on WantedGoV and I have also made too many, way too many trades on this server. I think the fact that I can jump successfully round the entire map with my eyes close accounts for how many hours I have been on the server.

Why should we have you as Moderator?

You should have me as a moderator because I understand all of the rules and know when they are broken. I am mature when needed and have a lot of free time. I would like to support the community and help as much as I can, I try to do this already and I am hoping that I can give a little bit extra by earning this rank. I know most of the patterns and can price check almost any gun/skin. Although I do tell people not to take my 100% word for it as I am not professional.

I hope that you agree that I deserve the rank and that I can help you and everyone else out.

Thank you for reading my application.

Tell me what you honestly think below! It's much appreciated.

- Hydra :^)

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Re: * Hydra's application for Moderator
« Reply #1 on: 22 September 2015, 17:10:06 »
I vouch this, he is a nice guy who knows his stuff, mature, knows the key of trading and is constantly on the server.